What is a Primary Care Network?

A Primary Care Network (PCN) is a group of practices working together with a range of multi-disciplinary professionals across the primary care sector to offer more personalised, coordinated health and social care to everyone.

By working together, we can provide a wider range of services and allow our GPs to focus where their specialist clinical input is most needed.

In February 2019 GPs were presented with a new contract as part of the 5 year Forward View. This contract encourages GP Practices that are geographically aligned to come together to form Primary Care Networks (PCNs). These are not legal entities as such but there is an agreement between these Practices to work together and share new resources that will be available through the new contract.

Take a look at this short animation from NHS England which explains how they work.

Who are we?

Mid Chiltern PCN was set up on 1st July 2019, its population is approximately 43,600 patients made up of 5 Practices (Amersham Health Centre, Hughenden Valley and Chequers Surgeries, John Hampden Surgery, Rectory Meadow Surgery and The Prospect House Surgery).

The individual surgeries are still operating in the normal way. What’s changed is that there is more access for patients to be seen by different members of the PCN multi-disciplinary team, which consist of: