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Our Past Feedback

Kim, the Phlebotomist, this morning taking blood, was amazing, super reassuring and caring. She went above and beyond to help me,

Unusually, the atmosphere and welcome was rather cold in the surgery this morning, having been nervous about the blood test and barked at on arrival my blood pressure was rocketing but Kim was amazing in so many ways
Credit where credit is due! I have to say the great staff you have far out way the one or two negative experiences from individuals.

Thank you for all you do and the caring staff you have.

The support I have received from the health and wellbeing team has been exceptional. I was in a very low place and the assistance of a listening ear, non-judgemental and constructive discussions prompting me to think about how I can improve my health and wellbeing has been so useful.

The face-to-face video calling was always on time. I preferred to see the person I was talking to although other options I believe are available. I never felt rushed in coming up with my own targets, was supported through discussion if I found a previous target difficult to achieve and gently reminded as I began to feel better how far I had come.

This service has enabled me to move forward in my life with positive thoughts that I can continue to maintain my health and wellbeing. Thank you.

Lorraine The Legend Brickell was absolutely amazing in every possible way during my recovery. I looked forward to every single facetime appointment with her, she was the perfect person to share anything with that I had on my mind at the time and the only person I told everything to!

I would not have got back to myself and feeling how I am now without her and I’m going to miss not having my appointments with her now. But I know she will be giving her all to every other patient that she has and they are incredibly lucky to have her there for them.

All I can really say after all of that is that Lorraine has been an angel for me and I cannot thank her and your services enough!

A daughter has been trying to get her mother to see a GP for last year. The mother had attended one of our social prescribing talking cafe. Sarah (One of our Social prescribers) sat with her and talked, while talking Sarah had noticed that this patient had some cognitive issues.

So, Sarah did some investigating and found which GP practice that this patient was registered, and this patient had not been to the practice in years. Sarah was able to get this patient a face-to-face appointment.

The daughter of the patient had this to say ”A big Thankyou sent with immense gratitude to the social prescribing team!, I thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Excellent service 10/10

The service has given me more confidence to get out and walking again. I appreciate all the telephone calls I have had every week from Julie. The care and understanding of my needs have been 100%. I congratulate Julie and the Social Prescribing Team for this wonderful service. Thank You.